The Homeless Action! Lawsuit – What it is all about.

Press Release For Immediate release:  July 12, 2019 Media Contact: Adrienne Lauby, (707) 795-2890, (707) 332-1894, Gregory Fearon, (707) 546-5771, Landmark Injunction Offers Protection to Homeless Individuals and Their Property An 18-month-long lawsuit by Santa Rosa homeless people and activists in San Francisco federal court entered a truce this morning, as the City […]

Protest Santa Rosa’s Summer Sweeps of Homeless Encampments

Monday, July 8, 5:30 pmCity Council Chambers, 100 Santa Rosa Ave. HEAP, the doublespeak horror named “the Homeless Encampment Assistance Pilot Program” is kicking off a round of homeless camp sweeps.  They intend to focus on communities on the Prince Memorial Greenway, Olive Park, Morgan Street and the Highway 101 underpasses.  Homeless Action! is calling […]

Access, Security, Opportunity Advocacy

Yesterday, I realized that there were three words which pretty much defined the core of my homeless advocacy. And they were the exact goals that were described in greater verbiage throughout federal and state guidelines. They formed the basis of the conversations I was having with my homeless friends, city and nonprofit agency staff, or […]

Measuring Homelessness

The European Federation of National Associations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) put forward the ETHOS typology in 2005.21 It classifies people who are homeless according to their living or ‘home’ situation: roofless (without a shelter of any kind, ‘sleeping rough’), houseless (with a place to sleep, but temporary in an institution or shelter), insecure (threatened […]