Dec 29th, 2019 HEAP Deadline Met

For the last two months, a process for awarding grants to provide emergency aid to homeless and those at risk of being homeless was being put in place. A year in the design phase, a new joint powers agreement involving representatives from the County Board of Supervisors, the cities of Santa Rosa and Petaluma, and four members of their own Technical Advisory Committee, the Home Sonoma Leadership Council met last week to select its officers, review staff and community recommendations for grant program priorities, and request $12.1 million in up to five budget categories from the State.

As they deliberated, the State had already received applications from about a third of the counties, and they had begun the process of soliciting proposals from their communities to provide the emergency aid. HEAPA, a statewide organization providing research on the HEAP implementation, has released its first spreadsheet containing information about those early decisions by counties, contact information for applicants, and links to webpages which describe their decision-making processes.

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