Questions for the City Informational Meeting

Are you aware that if you impound the vehicles we are living in, we will lose them due to the impossibility of paying the very high impoundmentfees? How will exacerbating our homelessness in ANY way help either you,us, or the homeless crisis in Sonoma County?

The CORE PRINCIPLE of Mental Health Peer/Recovery—the social justice movement that includes US, the chronically homeless community members of Sonoma County, is: “NOTHING ABOUT ME WITHOUT ME.” Why, then, have you excluded our voices from this public dialogue in which life-changing and life-threatening discussions and decisions are going to be engaged in about us???

What can you do to coordinate the deadline with the ongoing mutli-agency effort to help us smog, register and insure our vehicles because a lot of hard work and kind donations are going into this effort to preserve our only protection from unsheltered life on the streets?

What unsolvable conditions warrant the immediate impoundment of our only protection from unsheltered lif on the streets because dozens of volunteers and agencies are working with us to ensure the health and safety of all residents, employees, and neighbors?  We know it wasn’t always like this, but surely you’ve noticed the situation has improved.

Have you talked with your reliance counselors about a solution that supports our resilience, because we can’t pay the impound fees to get our vehicles back and they are our only line of defense against unsheltered life on the streets?

Will you come  and talk with us after the meeting to explore how we can work together towards a solution which does not result in our losing our only viable shelter?

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